In the 21st Century world in which we live, our students must be environmentally literate to compete in the global market. Outdoor classrooms help our students live the learning they have previously only read about! Let me help you build an outdoor classroom which will provide an engaging learning environment that supports curriculum and personal growth.

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Community Garden
Community Garden

Sow seeds of community & friendship by building a garden. Have you noticed community gardens springing up all around you? The green movement has invaded our urban metroplex. Don't be the last community to get growing. Grab a shovel & let me help you plan your way to fresh, organically-grown produce!

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Picking Broccoli
Picking Broccoli

Ever wonder where the produce you buy is grown or what types of chemicals are used on your food? Experience fresh vegetables & herbs at the peak of freshness right out of your own yard or patio garden! If you want to plant a few pots, flowers, herbs or vegetables, but have no clue where to start; I'll show you how to get your green thumb growing! It's easier than you think.

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School gardens promote:

  • Leadership

  • Self-esteem

  • Science, math, reading & writing skills

  • Problem-solving & critical thinking skills



Community gardens can enhance & promote fellowship in:

  • Churches

  • Neighborhoods

  • Community centers

  • Urban Loft Communities

  • Retirement Communities



Home gardens are:

  • Gateways to healthy eating

  • Esteem builders

  • Impressive to family & friends

  • Fun & educational for kids

Now virtual!

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