School gardens promote:

  • Leadership

  • Self-esteem

  • Science, math, reading & writing skills

  • Problem-solving & critical thinking skills



Community gardens can enhance & promote fellowship in:

  • Churches

  • Neighborhoods

  • Community centers

  • Urban Loft Communities

  • Retirement Communities



Home gardens are:

  • Gateways to healthy eating

  • Esteem builders

  • Impressive to family & friends

  • Fun & educational for kids

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Picking Broccoli

Ever wonder where the produce you buy is grown or what types of chemicals are used on your food? Experience fresh vegetables & herbs at the peak of freshness right out of your own yard or patio garden! If you want to plant a few pots, flowers, herbs or vegetables, but have no clue where to start; I'll show you how to get your green thumb growing! It's easier than you think.